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Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (8/14)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.
Chapter Four.
Chapter Five.
Chapter Six.
Chapter Seven.


A month ago, if you had told Kyuhyun that Zhou Mi was a sadistic bastard who found sick pleasure in torturing other people, he would’ve scoffed and told you that you were crazy and delusional.

Nowadays, whenever you brought up Zhou Mi, a morose smile would creep onto Kyuhyun’s face, and resulted in him looking something like a drug addict for the rest of the day.

The rest of Super Junior then did the responsible and mature thing… They took turns to poke fun at the maknae, knowing that his defences were down.


“I don’t know whether the old Kyuhyun or the new one is more pathetic,” Heechul rolled his eyes as he began to file down his nails.

“The new one is slightly more useless than the old one. At least the old one was able to snark back. Now all he does is take up space and waste air,” Sungmin put in helpfully, blowing on his nails to make the nail polish dry faster.

Kyuhyun’s behaviour had called for an emergency meeting among the Super Junior members, however it had turned into more of a gossiping session.

Leeteuk groaned and promptly started banging his head against the wall. “WHY WAS I FORCED TO BECOME THE LEADER OF SUPER JUNIOR?!”

“Because you’re the oldest,” was the answering reply throughout the dorm.

Leeteuk let out a sob and rushed to the corner to cultivate mushrooms. “Unappreciated… Can’t wait for military… Can finally get away from them…” he muttered as the aura surrounding him began to turn dark and gloomy.

The Super Junior members all averted their eyes away from the pitiful sight of their leader having a mental breakdown. After all, it was common knowledge that it was his “time of the month”.

“So, whose turn for Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT?” Donghae bounced happily, accidentally tripping over the leader who had began rolling around on the floor.

“Uhh… Mine?” Eunhyuk mumbled.

Everyone paused for a moment.

“Marvellous! Now chop chop everyone, remember to hide Leeteuk’s body in the closet!” Heechul beamed as he strutted out of the room.


“Well… It’s going to take a lot for Zhou Mi to forgive you,” debated Eunhyuk, stroking his chin.

Kyuhyun stared blankly at Eunhyuk, muttering “If you dragged me into this stupid room with you and your smelly feet to say that, I already knew that.”

Eunhyuk narrowed his eyes and complained, “Okay, I didn’t wash my feet ONCE and everybody still goes on about it! Why doesn’t anyone complain about how bad Henry smells?! And what about the fact that he always takes my underwear, that little thief!”

“… Okay, if you’re going to complain about the personal hygiene of all the Super Junior members to me, I seriously don’t care,” stated Kyuhyun and began to step out of the cramped room.

Eunhyuk held out an arm to stop him, and shouted, “No! I’m going to tell you about my plan no matter what!”

The blank and unfeeling Kyuhyun was suddenly replaced by a deer caught in the headlights.

Eunhyuk melted slightly.


Eunhyuk’s Plan F:
1. Take Zhou Mi to ‘The Strawberry Café’ (Translation: Trick him into meeting Kyuhyun)
2. Treat Zhou Mi on whatever he wants
3. Zhou Mi seeing how generous and kind Kyuhyun is, agrees to a next date (of course at The Strawberry Café!)


“Yay Eunhyuk-hyung! I’m so excited that we’re finally hanging out together!” beamed Zhou Mi, the tall man hanging off the side of Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk felt bad that he was betraying Zhou Mi, but steeled himself to face the pouting puppy eyes Zhou Mi would be sure to send him later on.

“I know! It always seems like we’re too busy!” Eunhyuk nervously laughed, as he pushed the other into his favourite café - The Strawberry Café

Zhou Mi’s eyes turned into round saucers as he took in the massive amounts of pink, strawberries, but most of all – the cuteness overload.
“Waaaah! Hyung! This place is amazing!” squealed Zhou Mi, hugging the shocked man like a barnacle.


From under his disguise of a very convincing fake moustache, sunglasses and trench coat, Kyuhyun’s eyebrows raised higher and higher until you couldn’t see them under his hairline.

“Stupid traitor,” scowled the young Korean man, noticing the way that Zhou Mi clung onto Eunhyuk without any restraint.

“Um, sir? Could you please take off your strange attire? People are beginning to complain about the way you look,” blushed the flustered waitress, “I’m sorry, but if you continue to look like a paedophile, we’re forced to ban you from this café!”

Kyuhyun’s eye twitched.


As soon as Eunhyuk managed to pry Zhou Mi off of him, he hurriedly said “Sorry, Mi! Gotta go to the bathroom” before running out of the café.

Zhou Mi pouted, but quickly cheered up as he caught sight of the cute strawberry-shaped stools, and bounded over to sit down on one.

He looked to his right: A cute fangirl who was looking at him with starry eyes. Without delay, he took a selca with her, and handed her an autographed photograph.

He looked to his left: A suspicious man who seemed to have serious sweating problems. Zhou Mi noted the way the strange man kept nervously turning away from him, and wiping at his moustache with a napkin.

Zhou Mi squinted, looking more carefully. The man seemed familiar – had he been a paedophile advertised on a front page of a newspaper? A stalker who had once followed Zhou Mi home? Suddenly, he realised who he was.

“What are you doing here?” Zhou Mi hissed.

The man gave a start, looking around before pointing to himself, as if saying, “Me?”

Zhou Mi rolled his eyes and said, “Kui Xian, I know it’s you. Stop being stupid.”

“What Kui Xian are you talking of? Is it a chopstick brand? Kui Xian? Ohohoho!” Kyuhyun panicked in high-pitched voice, “My name is… Kyu… Kyuderella! That’s it!”

Zhou Mi rolled his eyes, marching up to Kyuhyun’s stool. The determination and anger flared up in the Chinese man’s eyes, and with one blow…

He ripped off Kyuhyun’s moustache.


“Well. This is awkward.”


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Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (7/14)

PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT COMMENCE!! (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.
Chapter Four.
Chapter Five.
Chapter Six.

Kyuhyun could honestly say that he now knew what ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was all about.

When Kyuhyun accidentally slept through his alarm, there was no Zhou Mi to jump onto his bed yelling out “KUI XIAN! Time to get up!”

When Kyuhyun made it to the Super Junior M photoshoot just in time, there was no Zhou Mi to fuss over him and his outfit, fixing anything out-of-place.

When Kyuhyun tried to pose for his photoshoot, there was no Zhou Mi encouraging him and cheering him on as he felt more and more awkward.

When Kyuhyun and the rest of the band finally collapsed on the van, there was no Zhou Mi draped over him, murmuring softly in a mixture of tired Chinese and Korean.

When Kyuhyun felt like his life was shit, there was no Zhou Mi to prove otherwise.


In his depression, Kyuhyun went back to his bedroom and played the hours away with Starcraft. Well, what seemed to be Starcraft – his eyes weren’t able to see straight now, and his eyes were virtually glued together.

Suddenly, Yesung marched into his room, followed by what seemed to be an army of turtles.

“A little turtle told me that you needed some help to win over Zhou Mi!” sang Yesung in a sinister voice.

“No. I’m not that desperate for your help,” Kyuhyun said monotonously, shuddering to think of what Yesung would think of.

“Are you really? I can help, you know!” Yesung purred, wiggling his eyebrows, “People say I have quite a way with the ladies.”

“If you’re talking about your octopus dance,” winced Kyuhyun, “I am certain that’s not going to help. At all.”

Yesung grinned ominously.


Yesung’s Plan F:
1. Follow Zhou Mi around to show how devoted he is
2. Zhou Mi finds out that Kyuhyun stalked him, and is grateful that he has a protector
3. Zhou Mi never has to hire a security guard again, because he has Kyuhyun!


“Starting from tomorrow, where Zhou Mi goes, you go!” Yesung drilled into Kyuhyun, “If you lose him, this plan is sure to fail!”

“What if he goes to the toilet or something?” Kyuhyun shifted nervously, “I can’t follow him into there!”

Yesung rolled his eyes and sighed, “You amateur! You can’t possibly let such simple things get in between you and your goals!”

Kyuhyun blushed, and with that, he was determined not to let Zhou Mi out his sight.


Kyuhyun had a strong start to the plan Yesung had set out for him.

He had slept outside Zhou Mi’s bedroom and ended up being trodden on by the older man by accident. Kyuhyun had woken up with a start, and yelled out “Where’s my pet unicorn?!”

This resulted in Zhou Mi looking at him weirdly, and Heechul blackmailing their manager to clear their schedule for one day, as none of them wanted to miss out on watching Kyuhyun fail at life.

“Good job! You’re doing well,” Yesung hissed, patting Kyuhyun on the back as they passed each other on the way to the kitchen.


Kyuhyun’s chance to prove himself as a wonderful devoted follower was dashed, as Zhou Mi stayed in pretty much the same position – curled up on the couch, phone texting his friends and bursting into fits of giggles.

Kyuhyun had a strong suspicion that they were teasing each other as usual, and that Zhou Mi’s texts were filled with hearts and emoticons.

His heart clenched at the thought that Zhou Mi treated others the way he had once treated Kyuhyun – although judging from the fact that Zhou Mi was yet to say one word to him, that time had been a long, long time ago.

That thought alone meant that Kyuhyun sat on the couch next to him, reading a book . Translation: Kyuhyun was casually trying to read the texts over Zhou Mi’s shoulder. And failing.

Before long, Zhou Mi noticed how Kyuhyun was slowly but surely getting closer to him. He covered the screen of his cell phone, and then scooted even closer to the side of the couch, making sure that there once again was a noticeable distance between Kyuhyun.

Of course, this didn’t deter Kyuhyun as he only got more determined to take to a peek at Zhou Mi’s cell phone.

Zhou Mi was uncomfortable as he became aware that Kyuhyun kept shuffling towards him, and took a look at the other Super Junior members. They seemed to be laughing and pointing at them two, before realising that Zhou Mi was watching them. Their faces turned sombre within seconds, looking as though they were attending someone’s funeral.

“Hey guys, I’m just going outside for a sec!” Zhou Mi informed everyone but Kyuhyun, and cheerfully bounded out of the room.

Kyuhyun pouted as they watched Zhou Mi flail out of the room, arms waving.

“This is your chance!” hissed Yesung, elbowing him in the stomach.

“O-okay!” wheezed Kyuhyun, before slipping out of his seat to follow Zhou Mi outside.


Kyuhyun began to seriously doubt his taste in men as he trailed after Zhou Mi for the fifth hour running. His feet began to ache, and his head was pounding after having to walk past the video game store without entering it.

Yes, you guessed it – Zhou Mi, the fashionista he was, was shopping.

The older man seemed to be on a high, and had entered all his favourite stores with a happy grin. Strutting in his man heels and clutching his Louis Vuitton man purse, Kyuhyun could only shake his head in wonder at how Zhou Mi kept on going, and going, and going…

After visiting all his favourite stores: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Prada and every other goddamn Designer Label on the planet, Zhou Mi at long last seemed content.

Kyuhyun praised the Gods of Fashion for finally releasing Zhou Mi from the evil clutches of shop attendants.

However, what Kyuhyun did not foresee, was the shop attendant who was piling all of Zhou Mi’s purchases into separate bags (“I don’t want these brands getting mixed up!”) saying “By the way darling, I couldn’t help but notice that handsome young man following you around! It seems like you have a secret admirer!”

Zhou Mi laughed and turned to see – Kyuhyun accidentally knocking over a stand of Prada accessories in his haste of getting away from Zhou Mi.

That seemed to be the last blow for Zhou Mi as he began to shake with anger.

Zhou Mi narrowed his eyes, marched right up to Kyuhyun and yelled, “What has Prada ever done to you, huh?!”

Zhou Mi then turned his nose up in distaste, picked up all of his purchases, and elegantly strutted away, leaving Kyuhyun staring after him, with his mouth open.


To make life even better, under the watchful eyes of the shop attendant, Kyuhyun had to pick up the fallen accessories.

“Why the fuck was Prada even invented… I swear it exists to make my life miserable,” muttered Kyuhyun as he picked up yet another stupid bracelet which wouldn’t fit onto the stupid rack and was going to be crushed any moment now….

So yeah, Kyuhyun hated the fact that he loved such a fashion diva. But he supposed he couldn’t complain, as he began reminiscing the way Zhou Mi’s legs looked in those skinny jeans.

“Back to work, you fashion imbecile!”

The sharp voice of the Prada shop attendant woke Kyuhyun up from his fantasies, and with a sigh, he began piling the keyrings back onto the stand.


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Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (6/14)

PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT COMMENCE!! (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.
Chapter Four.
Chapter Five.

“I can’t believe you managed to screw that up. Do you know what I had to do for that spot at the restaurant?!” Henry yelled when he found out the news.

“Heh, what did you have to do?” Heechul butted on, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Sungmin rolled his eyes, “Little Henry’s sex life is his own business, and you don’t need to question him on every move he makes.”

With threats to show his violin bow up their asses, everyone’s attention turned to Kyuhyun.

“So, what did you do to make Zhou Mi so pissed off?” Eunhyuk laughed in his face.

“Not saying,” Kyuhyun muttered. He would rather die than tell them what had happened.

Needless to say, that just sparked the interest of all the members (even including the ones who didn’t enjoy gossiping), and resulted in Kyuhyun reverting back to the snarky ass he really was.

And after several members walking off in tears, Super Junior were resigned to never finding out what had happened that fateful night.


Kangin’s Plan K:
1. Go to a bar and drink
2. Confess while both drunk (so if it goes badly you could pretend to have been drunk and rambling)
3. Zhou Mi being drunk and all, somehow finds Kyuhyun attractive
4. The End.


“That is the shittiest plan ever,” Kyuhyun said with a deadpan expression.

“Hey, it was all I could come up with,” Kangin growled, “At least the soju will probably make Zhou Mi drunk enough to look at you without cringing!”

“Shut up. And anyway, didn’t you say you were off the booze?” asked Kyuhyun suspiciously.

“YES! Jeez, I’m not an alcoholic!” Kangin snapped.

Suddenly the usually kind leader swooped in with an irritated look. It was obvious that Leeteuk had been eavesdropping into their conversation and was waiting for the perfect moment to drop by and interrupt.

“You’re not?” Leeteuk butted in, “Last time I checked, you’re still an asshole alcoholic who does hit-and-runs before running off to the military!”

Kyuhyun sniggered and added “He has a point, you know.”

“Teukie… Don’t be like that!” Kangin pouted, the angry demeanour gone.

“We trusted you! Then look what happened!” Leeteuk yelled hysterically, arms flailing about.

Kangin took a step closer to the older man and said softly, “Teuk… I’ve been sober for over a year now. I haven’t touched a drop of that stuff, and it was all for you.”

Leeteuk’s eyes softened, and even though you could tell that he was trying to keep a cross face, it began to melt away into the dimpled smile everyone knew and loved.

They took another step towards each other and-

“What the hell is up with couples making up in front of me?! I mean, I’m happy for you and all, but seriously, concentrate on making Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT work!” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes, tapping his foot impatiently.


It didn’t take much makeup to cover up the bruise left by Kangin’s punch.

But from the slap of Leeteuk, it took a lot more than just a bottle of concealer. Even with all the frantic help of the makeup noonas, there was an everlasting hand mark on Kyuhyun’s face.

That was the same moment everyone agreed to never make the leader angry. Ever.

After a content and happy Kangin and Leeteuk left their bedroom, there was an awkward “Congrats, man!” every now and then.

Kangin by then decided that Kyuhyun had suffered enough, and told him that he had been in contact with Zhou Mi.

“Really?! What did he say?” was the over-eager response from Kyuhyun.

“Surprisingly, he was actually worried about you, and was scared that he came off too harsh,” sneered Kangin, his tone show that he thought that Zhou Mi was perfectly reasonable to mistreat Kyuhyun in any way.

Kyuhyun then sucked in his breath, looking as though Christmas had come early.

“And that he agrees to meet you at the bar across the studio.”

Kyuhyun whooped loudly as he ran around the house, before Kangin held out a foot and… Well, another lovely bruise to add to Kyuhyun’s growing collection.


By the time Zhou Mi showed up, Kyuhyun was pretty wasted. In fact, the room began to spin around him as the tall man walked up to him.

“Kui Xian! Are you okay?!” Zhou Mi clucked his tongue, patting Kyuhyun on the back.

As Zhou Mi’s sharp angles came into view, Kyuhyun could only smile contently.

“Hehe… Mimi…. You look so good….” Kyuhyun blabbered out, “Hehehehe… Mi…. Cute….”

As Kyuhyun began to babble on, Zhou Mi’s frown only deepened and said carefully “Come on Kui Xian, let’s get you home!”

Kyuhyun nodded eagerly. The abrupt movement gave Kyuhyun a headache, and he suddenly moaned out “Mi… Don’t feel so good…..”

And promptly threw up all over Zhou Mi’s Prada shoes.


If Zhou Mi had any forgiveness for Kyuhyun left, it was gone. Because there was just simply no way anyone could disrespect the Prada gods and get away with it.


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PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT COMMENCE!! (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.
Chapter Four.

“So you actually managed to make some progress?! Thank God for that!” Kibum sighed, reading through his latest script.

“It took a lot of hard work…” Shindong munched on his French bread stick, “I think I’m scarred for life.”

“How are YOU scarred for life? If it’s anyone, it should be me. It’s been a week and I still smell like cleaning supplies,” Kyuhyun butted in, rolling his eyes.

“I saw before my very own eyes, BURNT spaghetti bolognaise! So don’t you dare be smart with me,” Shindong threatened, waving his bread stick around violently.

“… But even more exciting news is that it’s Mochi’s turn!” Leeteuk squealed, looking off into the distance with starry eyes.

“Uh… Yeah,” Henry said, before he was pounced on by Leeteuk.

Leeteuk began squishing the youngest member’s cheeks, and he was helpless against the attacks. Henry could only close his eyes, wondering “Why the hell is Super Junior even considered an idol group when they’re filled with such weirdos?”

Funnily enough, that was also the thought running through Kyuhyun’s brain.


Henry’s Plan D:
1. Go for the classic – Dinner and a movie.
2. Zhou Mi, being a hopeless romantic, falls for it.


“Okay, so this is the classic date in like all the American movies,” Henry explained, “and as you know, American movies are exactly why there are so many single people in the world.”

“How exactly are American movies the reason why there are so many single people out there?” Kyuhyun asked confusedly.

Henry gave out a long-suffering sigh. “It’s because they always make guys really whipped, so then girls always have this really unrealistic sense of how guys should act.”

Kyuhyun soaked in all this new information he was getting, and came up with the equation:
American movies + Actor = Girls wishing their boyfriends were like that
Real world + Boy who copies what Actor does = Girl liking boyfriend
Reality + Kyuhyun copies what Actor does = Zhou Mi likes Kyuhyun

“Oh. So therefore if I follow what the guy does in an American movie, then I will come off as a charming gentleman and Zhou Mi falls in love with me?” Kyuhyun said excitedly.

“… Something like that.”


“Here’s a gift voucher for the most expensive restaurant in Seoul. I pulled in a LOT of favours to get a spot for tonight, so you owe me a hell of a lot,” Henry explained, holding the piece of card as though it was worth a small fortune – which it definitely was.

“Thanks,” Kyuhyun nodded gratefully, placing it carefully in his wallet, along with the movie tickets.

“Okay, and I received those movie tickets from some fans,” Henry smiled, “and I’m sure you’ll be fine watching this movie. But trusting Zhou Mi Ge, he will be scared out of his mind, and be in your arms for the entire movie.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Kyuhyun smirked, thinking about how sweet it would feel to have the older man in his arms for the night.

While Kyuhyun zoned out and let his imagination get the better of him, Henry sighed and left Kyuhyun to himself.


Kyuhyun pulled anxiously at his hair as he waited outside Zhou Mi’s apartment.

Zhou Mi strutted out in an impeccable designer outfit. That was something Kyuhyun had grown used to, but what really got Kyuhyun was the fact that the older man had guyliner on.

Kyuhyun could only stare and take in the perfection that was Zhou Mi.

“Kui Xian, so where are we heading off to now?” trilled Zhou Mi, clapping his hands together.

“Uh,” Kyuhyun grunted out, his mind blank.

“Kui Xiaaaaaan?! Don’t tease me,” Zhou Mi giggled, hitting Kyuhyun on the shoulder.

Kyuhyun finally snapped out of it, and laughed awkwardly, “Oh, we’re going to that restaurant that you keep saying you want to try out! That expensive one…”

Zhou Mi’s smile got even wider, and Kyuhyun’s mind was wiped blank yet again.


As they walked into the elegant and sophisticated restaurant, Kyuhyun understood why it was Seoul’s best restaurant.

“Wow! This is amazing!” Zhou Mi breathed out slowly, “No wonder this place is always booked out!”

With a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere, the two were able to loosen up and have a relaxing dinner without the usual fans hounding them.

Kyuhyun smiled as they left the restaurant happily. Phase One: Complete.


“Kui Xian? What are we doing next?” Zhou Mi sighed happily.

“We’re going to watch a movie!” Kyuhyun smiled goofily back.

Zhou Mi seemed content with the answer, and hummed happily as they drove to the movie cinemas.


The monster was coming closer…

Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi stared at the screen, unable to take their eyes off the disgusting creature.

And closer….

Kyuhyun’s knees began shaking as it seemed to get nearer.

And clos-

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Kyuhyun screamed, his hands flying up to cover the 3D glasses which made the movie entirely too real for him.

“Kui Xian, it’s alright,” soothed Zhou Mi, patting Kyuhyun on the back, “It’s just a movie.”


As they walked out of the theatre, Zhou Mi massaged his arms to attempt to get rid of the numbness that Kyuhyun's tight grip had left.

Kyuhyun’s ego had been destroyed, and he couldn’t bear the humiliation of knowing that he, Cho Kyuhyun, had clung onto Resident Wimp Zhou Mi’s arms. Imagine the sick pleasure Super Junior would take in this! He shuddered to think about how his hyungs would twist this story.

“Don’t tell anyone about this,” Kyuhyun bit out, his fists clenched.

“Oh Kui Xian! Don’t worry! Gege wouldn’t be so mean!” Zhou Mi giggled, before patting Kyuhyun on the cheek.

“No, seriously,” Kyuhyun frowned harder at the bouncing sunshine of a man next to him.

Zhou Mi just continued to flail and titter about, not seeing the irate expression on Kyuhyun’s face grow darker.

“Zhou Mi. I’m deadly serious here,” Kyuhyun said irritably, his nerves wearing very thin.

“Kui Xian? Why don’t you want others to know?” Zhou Mi winked, grinning that goddamn grin that made Kyuhyun snap every time.


Zhou Mi finally stopped laughing, and stared at Kyuhyun with a very serious expression. “I’m sorry that you’re above my level then.”

Kyuhyun’s heart stuttered, and he said hurriedly “No, Mi! That’s not what I meant!”

Pain flickered onto Zhou Mi's face for a second, before it disappeared.

“It was what you meant at the time.” Zhou Mi said, before turning away.


Kyuhyun couldn’t believe how fast the mood had changed, and even though he tried to make conversation with Zhou Mi, the older man ignored his attempts and sat there with an expressionless emotion.

Kyuhyun cursed to himself. Just as things were finally looking up for him, why did it have to go all wrong?


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Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (4/14)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.


After the fainting incident, everything seemed to go back to normal, but with several slight changes.

Zhou Mi seemed much more protective over Kyuhyun than before, and often rang to check that Kyuhyun was eating and sleeping healthily. Kyuhyun blushed as he read through the saved folder of Zhou Mi’s texts that went along the lines of “Hi Kui Xian! What did you have for breakfast? ^o^” or “I miss youuuuu!!! Sleep more so the next time I see you, you’ll be all healthy for Gege!!!”

Hangeng was given a month off by his managers, much to the satisfaction of Heechul (and the envy of the entire SM Entertainment). This resulted in the familiar moaning and creaking of bedsprings that no one had missed.

Lastly, was the fact that – No one was ever going to let Kyuhyun live it down. It didn’t help how Super Junior brought it up in every single interview, and made references to the incident in their Twitters. Texts, comments, calls, e-mails speaking of his fail– Kyuhyun got them all.

So the point was, if he was willing to go through this everyday, Kyuhyun loved Zhou Mi a hell of a lot.


Shindong’s Plan C:
1. Cook romantic dinner
2. Eat with Zhou Mi, all the while complimenting him
3. Zhou Mi finds out how good of a housewife Kyuhyun would be, and marries him

“Okay, so I got a recipe for spaghetti bolognaise off my friend. It’s like the simplest way to make it ever, so there’s no way you can screw this up!” said Shindong, waving around a piece of paper as though it was the golden ticket found in a Wonka chocolate bar.

“So, all I have to do is make spaghetti bolognaise for him?” Kyuhyun asked, his face unsure.

“YES! Everyone loves spaghetti so you don’t have to worry about Zhou Mi not liking it! In fact, it’s a crime not to!” Shindong smiled, confidence basically radiating from him.

Kyuhyun hesitated, before saying, “Hyung… There’s a reason why Ryeowook doesn’t like me being in the kitchen…”

“Nonsense! Spaghetti is so easy to make, even a child could do so!” laughed Shindong reassuringly, “I’ll go text Zhou Mi about the dinner tonight, I’ll even say that you cooked it especially for him!”

Kyuhyun blinked, before muttering to himself “Well, you can’t say that I didn’t warn you…”


After setting off the fire alarm seven times, setting the kitchen on fire three times, clogging up the sink for possibly eternity, Kyuhyun was finally kicked out of the kitchen, holding two plates of what could only be described as burnt mush.

Shindong was nearly in tears, “How on Earth did you manage to set off the fire alarm seven times while I was in the toilet?! I only went for 5 minutes!”

“Um, pure talent?” Kyuhyun winced, as he looked down at the homemade dinner that looked poisonous and like it may kill anyone who touched it.

Shindong breathed in and out slowly.


“Oh Kui Xian! Shindong told me you cooked dinner for us!” Zhou Mi yelled out as he entered the dorm.

“Um,” Kyuhyun said, gesturing towards the two plates of “spaghetti bolognaise” waiting for them on the dining table.

Zhou Mi’s smile faltered, and said “Oh, Kui Xian… Do you want Chinese tonight then?”

“Yeah. I think that would be a good idea.”


Even though Zhou Mi seemed happy to order takeaway rather than the homemade dinner he had been led to believe, he seemed happy to chat as they ate the much more edible dumplings.

“And then I saw the cutest Hello Kitty doll! Oh, did I tell you about the adorable Hello Kitty hair band I saw the other day? And that-” said Zhou Mi animatedly, eyes shining just thinking about the cute Hello Kitty merchandise.

“I’m sorry about today,” Kyuhyun blurted out. He was scared to look up, and fiddled with the pair of chopsticks in his hand.

Zhou Mi’s face softened, and said “Oh Kui Xian…” and pulled Kyuhyun in for a hug.

“I’m sorry that it didn’t turn out how I wanted. It’s just that I tried so hard, but…” Kyuhyun sniffled into Zhou Mi’s shoulder, not caring that he must look like the most idiotic mess ever.

“Kui Xian, it’s okay. Really,” Zhou Mi comforted him, rubbing Kyuhyun’s back soothingly.

Kyuhyun could only nuzzle Zhou Mi’s neck, and breathed in the familiar smell that was pure Zhou Mi, wishing that the hug would never end.


The hug had been worth the ten hours it took the next day to clean up the kitchen. But as Kyuhyun mopped up the sweat on his face, he wondered to himself, how the hell did he even manage to get tomato sauce on the ceiling?

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Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (3/14)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.

After countless bribes with bibles, I Love Jesus merchandise, and just full-out begging, Siwon finally agreed to be able to stay in the same in the room as Kyuhyun. This definitely made life easier as it was pretty hard to come up with a valid reason of why Siwon kept throwing death glares at Kyuhyun and stomping out of the room whenever the maknae opened his mouth to speak.


Kyuhyun rubbed at his forehead, a pounding headache which had been there since, well, the day he debuted as a Super Junior member. He sighed and-

“GUESS WHOSE TURN IT IS?!” Heechul barged through his bedroom door.

“Turn for… What?” Kyuhyun asked as a bad feeling came over him.

“Turn for Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT! Also known as the only entertainment we currently have in this house!” Heechul screeched, “But since you’re too dumb to know it, it’s Hankyung’s turn!”

Heechul then barged right out of Kyuhyun’s room before pulling in a reluctant Hangeng.

“He will assist you in catching Seasoning!” Heechul cackled.

“Um,” was the logical reply from Kyuhyun.

But before Kyuhyun could say anything else, Hangeng pulled Heechul to a corner of the room, and began speaking in a soft and kind voice.

“Heechul, you know I need to be in Bangkok for my upcoming concert… It’s in a week’s time!” Hangeng wheedled, “And I’ll come back to visit you straight afterwards!”

“No! You said that last time, and it was me who had to go to China to find you!” Heechul pouted with an unusually upset expression on his face, “And you can’t go! It’s even your turn, so you have to help that idiot!”

“Oh, Chullie…” Hangeng murmured into Heechul’s ear, before pulling him into a tight embrace.

Suddenly, a loud cough ruined the moment.

“Guys? I’m still here?” Kyuhyun shifted awkwardly, before a disgruntled yet ear-shattering screech barrelled towards him.


Hangeng’s Plan B:
1. Attend Hangeng’s next dance rehearsal
2. Show off dancing skills in next performance
3. Zhou Mi + Fangirls squeal and faint over Kyuhyun’s ability to actually be able to dance properly


“Okay, I’ve decided that I’ll just show you the simplest dance off my album,” smiled Hangeng, “It took me about ten minutes to be able to pull it off perfectly, so you’ll definitely manage to learn it by the end of tonight!”

Kyuhyun beamed at Hangeng in return. He felt quite excited, as he had a lot more faith in this plan than praying to a God who STILL probably hadn’t heard his prayers.


Kyuhyun regretted his enthusiasm at the start of the dance rehearsal.

“Left, left, left, right! Jump, hip thrust, flip, left, right, left, pose!” Hangeng called out as he showed Kyuhyun what to.

“Hyung… I can’t keep up! You’re going too fast!” Kyuhyun leaned over and panted.

“Okay, I know you’re supposedly unfit because of all your Starcraft playing, but this is ridiculous!” Hangeng said, narrowing his eyes.

Okay, so let Kyuhyun take that previous statement back. He regretted leaving his room to attend this dance rehearsal.

“You’re not stopping or pausing at all… How on Earth am I supposed to keep up with that?!” Kyuhyun wheezed, before collapsing on the floor.

Hangeng sighed and paused the music. He then turned to Kyuhyun and panicked. “Kyuhyun! Are you still alive?!”

So now apparently, Kyuhyun now regretted even being alive.


Kyuhyun woke up to a worried Super Junior crowded around his bed.

“Kui Xian! You’re awake!” Zhou Mi squealed, before hugging him tightly.

“Mi… Why are you here?” Kyuhyun barely managed to breathe out, due to the fact that his circulation was slowly being cut off, yet somehow his cheeks managed to remain a healthy crimson.

“I was so worried! You collapsed during the warming up! We hadn’t even started properly dancing yet!” Hangeng scolded lightly, though his eyes conveyed relief.

“Warm up? That’s kind of pathetic!” laughed Leeteuk shakily, “Couldn’t even last an hour before worrying me to death, huh?”

“We rushed out of the variety show we were on when we found out you collapsed,” Sungmin shrieked, “Here’s Mr Bunny to make you feel better!”

“Here’s some soup I made for you,” said Ryeowook anxiously, “I hope you get better!”

As Super Junior showered Kyuhyun with get-better-soon gifts and comforting words, the usually snarky maknae smiled happily.

Even though Kyuhyun found himself coddled for the rest of the night, he didn’t mind. As he remembered with a dreamy smile, throughout the entire night, Zhou Mi didn’t let go of his hand once.

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Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (2/14)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

Chapter One.


Kyuhyun had a bad feeling about this so-called Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT. Ignoring the fact that it had the retarded name ever, he also knew that when Super Junior tried to help someone’s love life… Well, it always failed and resulted in many, many expensive therapy sessions that came out of their pay checks.

“We’ve come up with a plan of execution,” Sungmin spoke over his protests – that maniacal glint in his eye was pretty hard to miss.

“Every one of us will participate in this plan!” Yesung grinned creepily, patting Kyuhyun on the shoulder.

Kyuhyun gulped and tried not to shiver. He loved his hyungs – but he did not trust them at all.

“Okay, so this is how Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT is going to go!” Heechul screamed before babbling on.

Kyuhyun soon found out that this supposed plan was actually a disguised way to make sure that his life would be cold and miserable for the next month or so. Every member would have one chance to try and help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams. In the end, the successful matchmaker would have Kyuhyun as a slave for a month, and would be able to boss him around for however they wanted.

“Why does this sound like a competition? And why do I have to be a slave for a month?” Kyuhyun pouted, put out by the fact that his supposed brothers were using his love life as entertainment.

“That’s because it is a competition! And if we can get you as a slave for a month, we can get you back for everything that you’ve ever done to us!” boomed out Kangin, looking as though Christmas had come early.

“It’s going to work! Don’t worry,” Henry winked, “and you can stop looking a retarded freak every time Zhou Mi looks at you!”

Everyone paused and smiled at that impossible thought.

“Since my boyfriends obviously have the best experience with being able to woo over amazing people that they obviously don’t deserve, Siwon and Hankyung will go first!” Heechul screeched.

“Oooh, bags being third!”

“I call tenth!”

“I’ll be eighth then.”

The numbers flew around Kyuhyun and he groaned – How did he manage to get into situations like this?


Siwon’s Plan A:
1. Go to church and pray that Zhou Mi will fall for Kyuhyun
2. God will listen to his prayers
3. Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun being so happy that their prayers were listened to, get baptized and become loving Christians


There was an awkward silence as they both walked to Siwon’s favourite place in the world – their local church.

Kyuhyun contemplated all things that he knew about the God Siwon and many others worshipped, which consisted of: God loves you and can do anything.

“Hyung, I know that you believe in God and all, but do you really think this is going to work out?” Kyuhyun frowned, biting his lip.

“God will listen to your prayers, Kyuhyun,” said Siwon wisely, “so let’s get praying!”

When they entered the church, Siwon in quick strides walked over to his favourite praying spot. Kyuhyun hesitantly followed, and copied the elder’s movements by kneeling down in front of the altar.

While Siwon serenely prayed to his beloved God, Kyuhyun felt stupid. What if God didn’t hear him? There were an awful lot of people in this church, and he really couldn’t compare to those religious fanatics like Siwon…


There were suddenly gasps and terrified looks around the church. The priest came towards him with the scariest expression Kyuhyun had ever seen in his life. “Out. NOW!”


The silence between them when they walked home was stony. Siwon’s eyebrows were so furrowed Kyuhyun was scared it would leave permanent marks.


“So, how did it go?” Eunhyuk asked with a gummy smile.

“Never mention this day again. I’m going to my room to pray to God. He has ruined my life!” Siwon said grumpily, and stomped off to his room, the others wincing as the door slammed.

“What’s his problem?” laughed Heechul, clapping his hands gleefully.

“I may have gotten us banned from ever entering that church he spends every waking hour in?” Kyuhyun said in one breath, hoping that one day his hyung may be able to forgive him.


The silence was awkward, and the members all had an expression on their faces which clearly said Oh-No-Siwon-is-going-to-kill-Kyuhyun-with-his-bare-hands-probably-in-his-sleep-and-nothing’s-going-to-stop-an-angry-Siwon-when-it-comes-to-him-and-God.

“Well, don’t worry Kyuhyunnie! I’m sure he’ll forgive you soon enough. You might just want to watch out for the next few years or so,” said Leeteuk with a plastered on smile, mentally planning out ways they could cover up the maknae’s death.

“And just because Siwon’s plan was a fail doesn’t prove anything. There are still twelve of us to go!” Ryeowook comforted Kyuhyun.

“… That’s what I’m scared of.”


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Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence! (1/14)

Title: Plan GTNSRKASRGUSZMT Commence!
Pairing: QMI (Kyuhyun x Zhou Mi)
Rating: G
Summary: Super Junior is sick of Kyuhyun's not-so-secret crush on the oblivious Zhou Mi. So they decide to help Kyuhyun get the man of his dreams by a foolproof plan called "PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together)".

“Thank you! Please continue to support Super Junior M!” Zhou Mi laughed as he just finished singing a quick excerpt of a song.

Kyuhyun stared out of the corner of his eye at the smiling Zhou Mi, and still managed to nod along to every word that Henry said – which was pretty amazing multi-tasking. The other Super Junior-M members by now were entirely zoned out, and Ryeowook looked lost and sad as usual.

Kyuhyun sighed like a lovesick fool for the third time that day. Siwon gave him a quick glare with his eyebrows raised high, before turning back to the MC with a plastered on smile, and answered the question instead of Kyuhyun with an “Oh, he’s a bit rusty in his Chinese skills now!”

Kyuhyun then smiled a goofy grin at the back of Zhou Mi’s head. Was it his fault that Zhou Mi reached all the notes perfectly and that he looked so damn good singing in those very tight jeans?


After a long and tiring day of filming, Super Junior-M got in the van, ready to collapse. Without the reliable and understanding presence of Hangeng, their interviews now consisted mainly of Korean, and the new members Sungmin and Eunhyuk hadn’t a clue what the Chinese words even meant. At least the other members knew the basics, and knew when they had to smile, nod or agree.

But worst of all, Kyuhyun had now picked up a habit of performing a lot more skinship with Zhou Mi, and frequently zoned out while smiling at Zhou Mi’s face or legs. It really was a blow to Super Junior-M, as Kyuhyun was known as the one with good Chinese skills. Only the oblivious Zhou Mi wasn’t aware of this, and the rest of the members were ready to pull their hair out in frustration.

“What the hell was that?” bit Siwon out angrily, his eyebrows furrowed.

“What was what?” Kyuhyun said, eyes wide open, looking around at the pointed glares coming his way. He knew an angry Super Junior was a bad Super Junior, and mentally began running through the things he could’ve done to make the others pissed.

“Why do you keep looking at Zhou Mi?! And screwing up simple lines?!” Ryeowook said a bit more calmer than Siwon, yet his rare glare seemed so strong that Kyuhyun wanted to shrivel up and die, in a hole preferably away from this craziness he called home.

“You know we’re already receiving a lot of hate after Hankyung left Super Junior-M! We have to prove those fans wrong, and show that we can still be Super Junior-M! You know how sick I am of hearing how we used to Hankyung’s band! We’re more than that!” Donghae suddenly butted in. Ever since Hangeng left, Donghae wasn’t as bubbly and happy as he used to be, determined to make sure that Super Junior-M wouldn’t crash and burn.

“Y-yes,” Kyuhyun stuttered, suddenly nervous of what he may be forced to confess.

“Now, tell us why you were like that today,” said Ryewook, Donghae and Siwon together, looking very threatening with those weird furry hats.

“I… Like Zhou Mi.”

And the world promptly exploded with a flurry of laughter, texts and phone calls.


Before long, the entirety of Super Junior knew about it, which meant SM Entertainment knew about it, which meant the whole world knew about it. Except Zhou Mi.

Kyuhyun couldn’t begin to count the texts he received, saying “Oppa! Fighting!” or “ABOUT DAMN TIME YOU GOT YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS.”

He began counting the ways he could commit suicide, and just before preparing to jump out of the window to his thankful death, the entire of Super Junior plus Henry (somehow Kangin, Kibum, and even a struggling Hangeng were part of the massive crowd) turned up in his bedroom.

“Yah! What do you think you’re doing!” screeched Heechul, “Do you know what I had to go through to make sure that everybody’s schedules were cancelled?!”

“You dragged me out in the middle of a fan meeting!” protested Hangeng, but his eyes were shining, glad that he was back with his brothers that he hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Hannie, we’ll have some alone time later. Don’t worry,” whispered Heechul suggestively, patting a blushing Hangeng on the bicep.

“Anyway! Tell Umma what’s wrong,” smiled Leeteuk protectively, “Is it to do with you liking Zhou Mi and being too scared to tell him?”

Kyuhyun blushed until he resembled a beetroot, and began sweating.

“We’ll help you! We’ve got a plan!” Sungmin grinned menacingly, “and we will all help you two get together!”

And that is how PLAN GTNSRKASRGUSZMT (a.k.a Plan Get the Nerdy Social Reject Kyuhyun and Sparkly Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Sunshine Zhou Mi Together) was born.


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Wake up, Starcraft, Starcraft, Zhou Mi?

Kyuhyun was in the middle of his daily routine – Wake up, Starcraft, Starcraft, Starcraft, Starcraft, sleep. He smiled in satisfaction as another enemy died on the screen of his laptop.

Suddenly, a tall and skinny piece of man barged into his apartment, seemingly bringing in butterflies and rainbows along with him.

“HELLOOO! I’m Joomyuk, but I’d really prefer it if you call me Zhou Mi and I come from Wuhan, China and I’ve only been living in Seoul for a few months and can I please call you Kui Xiaaaan,” screeched the stranger into his ear, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet.

“What the fuck?! Where the hell did you come from?” Kyuhyun could only say, eyes looking up from the laptop screen for a second.

“Heechul-hyung sent me! He told me you really lonely!” Zhou Mi beamed, before hugging him tightly.

“What the fuck?! How the hell do you know where I live?! Do you stalk me?!” Kyuhyun snapped, as he felt a blush beginning to creep onto his face.

“Um, Kui Xian, according to Heechul-hyung, don’t you follow all my weibos on my sina? I don’t think that really gives you a lot of credibility to say something like that.” Zhou Mi stuttered, as Kyuhyun began to resemble a beetroot.

“I’m taking that as a yes, you did stalk me, and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING ME,” said Kyuhyun loudly, and vented out his frustration on the swarm of enemies coming towards him on Starcraft.

“A-actually to be honest, Heechul-hyung said that if I came to visit you he would take me on a shopping spree,” blushed Zhou Mi, “but of course that doesn’t mean I don’t like you!”

“Tell Heechul I’m perfectly able of making friends myself,” huffed Kyuhyun, and promptly began to ignore the most adorable man had ever met before he made a complete and utter fool of himself.


“Have you been playing on the computer for the past 48 hours? Heechul-hyung said you often play Starcrash non-stop for many days!” Zhou Mi beamed, peering over Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

“It’s Starcraft. And for your information, I’ve only played it for 40! So there!” Kyuhyun hissed, eyes not budging from the computer screen.

“Um, okay?” Zhou Mi said unsurely, backing away slightly.

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and huffily saved his game and switched off the computer. He then turned to the stupid stick creature that invaded his territory and wouldn’t stop smiling and God, he had a nice smile and nose and eyes and hair and Kyuhyun wished that his brain didn’t connect to his mouth so easily.

Sometimes, Kyuhyun admitted, having weird and creepy friends that nothing better to do with their lives except to make your life a completely misery was actually worth it.


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